Cotton Inc.

Yes, “The fabric of our lives.” Most see this side of Cotton, we live and breath the innovation side of this Global non-profit. Going on 9 years now, Graphic Collective has built viable solutions for Cotton’s innovative technologies within the research and development of this natural resource. Our love of cotton runs deep, and it’s only natural that we have thrived in bringing everything from brochure work, photography, digital look books, technology videos, and most recently redesigning all of Cotton Inc./NCSU School of Textiles on-line courses for students.

  • Cotton Inc.
  • Textile
  • Design, Marketing, Photography, Video
  • 2010-Present
Cotton Wheel
We sincerely appreciate the full service Graphic Collective offers from creative ideas through to finished marketing communications product. They are a pleasure to work with and their output is reliable on target strategically, operatively and timely.