With the same passionate approach to client’s needs, we started Mindful Supply out of desire for our own need. With many years of experience in the apparel industry we felt a desire to start a brand that would fundamentally change how we view the manufacturing of clothes. It spawned a Mindfulness attitude showing folks that we could make a well made, guilt-free product not only in the USA but ethically sourcing outside our borders. Along the way, we show the whole process from cotton farmer to finished goods. Nothing to hide but everything to see. We make Mindful Supply available to the public to encourage others to live Mindfully, enjoy their journey, and buy with a conscience.

  • Mindful Supply Co.
  • Lifestyle Apparel
  • Design, Marketing, Web, Photography
  • 2010- Present
Our state of mind comes from three core values: We encourage everyone to live their best life. We care about our ethical and environmental impact. We create well-made products that last.