North Carolina’s history in sock making runs deep. There are plenty of sock companies that fight for business in the state. Royce came to GC to stand out with better presentation tools to win that business. We used our extensive knowledge of the textile industry and retail partners but state of the art 3-D rendering skills and consumer research to deliver more realistic and impactful presentations to gain placement into Costco and Walmart. Now Royce fits comfortably on the racks of major retailers like a good pair of socks on consumer’s feet.

  • Royce Too
  • Lifestyle Apparel
  • Design, Marketing, 3D Rendering, Photography
  • 2017- Present
Royce Too-Saucony photo
Royce Too-Dickies heritage
I have worked with Graphic Collective on a variety of high-profile projects, involving graphic design for both packaging and corrugate. GC analyzes the market prior to a project, to ensure that they are informed and understand our competition; their process involves much more than “just” the creative design. We appreciate the professionalism of the GC team, as they consistently provide the highest level of thought and creativity with every design project and presentation. They are simply the best!


Royce Too-Saucony packaging
Royce Too-Genuine Dickies