Part of working on our passion is having others see that come through in your work. Wrangler saw it right off in Mindful Supply, our brand that manufactures sustainable and USA made goods to benefit everyone in the supply chain. Wrangler asked us to help them with a similar project for their brand. Grown, cut and sewn in the USA, the Wrangler Rooted Collection™ represents a triumph in sustainability as well. The GC strategized and developed the right graphics across all 5 states that harvested the cotton for the project. We love creating designs that change the retail landscape, but it’s even more satisfying when you alter how a brand can make a difference for the better.

  • Wrangler
  • Western Apparel
  • Design, Marketing
  • 2009- Present
We reached out to the guys at Graphic Collective because of their knowledge of apparel graphics as well as local sourcing. We wanted the “Rooted” project to have a specific feel and look and we are very pleased with how the project came out.